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Monday, December 31, 2007
Salam everyone..

huhu.. i'm back here. such along time i've never write anything here. As usual, i consider myself as a very busy person. hahha...but lately, Allah is testing me with a lot obstacles in life especially on my health. we can't predict when and where we'll be falling sick. and sometimes, it comes at the wrong time and wrong place. I'm not supposed to say like this because Allah Almighty knows the best for me.

this time, I just want to write down something which i will always remember it for the rest of life. As i'm writing down here in my blog not only to share some parts of events happened to me but also to keep all memories i've experienced..who knows i might forget one day. but it seems very hard to put everything into words as only heart knows what it was all about.

hmm.. where should i start? ok.. let me start from here.. just want to make it short, i went to Invercargill to visit my dear sweet darling ;P Tosin with 2others close friends; lovely Tammy and Mr. Osei on christmas time. we were all very excited to go there and meet him. Although it is only 3weeks, he left Dunedin and stays with his brother and family there, we miss him alot. Basically, Osei drove us there around 9 30 am on 24th Dec 2007 and it took 2 and half hours to reach at Tosin's place.

me and tammy in osei's car waiting for tosin upon arrival :)

Wow!!! my first impression of Invercargill was very high.. much better than Dunedin. the town is much more organised with very nice christmas decorations...sorry guys.. no picture to be posted here. so 1st day we did nothing,, just chit chatting to each other and keep laughing. it was so fun and full of excitements to be with close friends although i've been missing family so much.

Don't want to talk too much.. it had been a tragedy for me after almost a year i've been here in nz. :D wat can i say.. it was supposed to be a nice holiday ever for me with my good friends.. when i was in my sweet darling's place.. i had indigestion for almost 2day. everytime i ate, i vomitted out. every single things.. Gosh.. only God knows how painful it was.. i hate it soo much... then the worst part was MIGRAIN!! ahhhh...

after vomitting so many times.. some bloods came out.. after all,, tosin and tammy brought me to the hospital despite i refused to go there at the first place. Poor Tosin, i've made hime so scared and he was stunned to see me in pain.And my dear tammy cried for me as she didn't do anything to take away my pain or even reduced it.. ( i'm sorry guys!! )

so at 2am .. we were all at Invercargill's emergency room. couldn't say and do anything.tammy and tosin explained to the doctor what was i've been through.. then the doctor asked me some questions which were normal procedures for her as a doctor.. finally . it came to the painful part,, INJECTION!!! ah... i was dehydrated... so dried.. that was the nurse and doctor said..

As usual.. here it come 1 sachet of water has been injected into my body.. i hate it soo much.. painful!!!!! i thought 1 should be enough. and i asked tosin n tammy to inform the doctor it was finished and i wanted to go home. the hospital smell made me even more sick.. yuck!!! but unfortunately, the nurse came and gave me another sachect.... WHATTTTTT???? what can i do.. still couldnt sleep well actually. my neck became stiff. GOSH....

while waiting for the 2nd bottle of water finished, the nurse came and gave me 2 pills.. mybe painkillers .. and some liquid (pink colour) for my stomach.. it was yucky,,, i swear!! i don't really know what was it.. :( Tosin said something to me and i managed to smile abit and laughed.. but couldn't do that too much.. because my head was spinning still. n I saw Tammy was also smiled.. 1o minutes after that.. i fall asleep... finally.. i was carried away peacefully...

i knew tammy will take a photo of me here!! such a photo freaks! lol!!

i was in pain but i could feel love sorround me!
although my face was ugly... but this is my fav photo with my sweet chix.. her smile with deep meaning.. only both of us knew what was exactly we felt at these moments..

i knew it.. this moment must be captured with 3 of us in a pic!! i was sleeping peacefully and both of them who were scared to death by my conditions at the first place, finally enjoying their moments at the hospital... they must be bloody tired waiting for me.. as usual.. taking pictures is always be tammy's fav thing to do.. and i think tosin is now addictive to that!! he's the man of why,, but he never ask tammy ..why she likes taking photos? hihih..

both of them were talking and taking photos together while waiting for me.. then they saw this pic.. a skeleton system on the wall, although it is a dead body, but this skull is always smiling.. so they concluded that, no matter how sad we are,, we will still smiling under the skin :)
I had experienced before being charged in the hospital, i hate those moments so much.. but this time... still painful for me.. but it will always be my fav moment ever.. since this trip to Invercargill captured many sweet memories with 2peoples i consider as close friends here.
never thought these short period of time we've known each other, been together... make us close and closer day by day. it is true.. friend in need is a friend indeed!!

thank you my sweet darling tosin and my sweet chix tammy for being my friend through tears and joy!! love both of u dearly !!
hug n kisses !!! muahhh :)