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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

.: L.i.B.r.A.R.i :.

Teringat kata-kata seorang guru semasa di bangku sekolah. Pelajar dan perpustakaan sangat sinonim. Mungkin ia bagai irama dan lagu. Irama tanpa lagu mungkin agak canggung bagi sesetengah telinga. Tapi ia masih bisa bergema. Lagu tnpa irama mampu menjadi puisi indah pnuh makna. Begitu la yang ku anggap antara hubungn pelajar dan perpustakaan.

"Aku mampu berjaya walaupun aku bukan kaki librari!" itu kata pelajar.

"Aku tetap khazanah ilmu walau tnpa kunjungan manusia"

Hari ni sewaktu pulang dri gym, aku sempat lalu ke central library. Tidak ade niat utk singgah lama.. tapi sekadar menjenguk atas dasar rindu pada suasananye. Mungkin aku agak janggal pabila di sana. Kerana aku bukanla kaki lepak di librari. Tiada ape yang kucari di sana..

Sejenak di librari, aku teringat pada satu puisi hasil karya Dato' A. Samad Said yang amat ku segani. Puisinya ringkas tapi sarat bermakna. Semoga rakan yg datang menyinggah di laman ku kali ni juga memahami ape yang tersurat dan yang tersirat di dalam bait-bait nukilan ini.


Dalam librari
aku tersengguk
seorang tua
tersenyum menegur:
Tak guna
membuka buku
menutup mata.
Kan elok
menutup buku
membuka mata?

Mulai esoknya
dalam librari
ku tak pernah
tersengguk lagi
walau orang tua
sudah lama
tiada kusua

Dalam librari
kini ku membaca,
mataku sering
ke kerusi orang tua
yang sudah tiada

nukilan: A. Samad Said

.:Semoga terus tabah dalam usaha menuntut ilmu bt semua rakan-rakan di mana jua anda berada:.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

.: 10 things about me xxx :.

  • most of my friends called me clean freak---> I can't breath if my area is dirty.. especially kitchen. ah!!! no way... and if i'm depressed or tension.. for sure i will be cleaning whateva i can clean and i don't mind cleaning ppl's clothes or anything .. if you see me cleaning the whole day.. u should know that im not mentally normal.. and feel free to give me ur dishes or clothes for me to wash.. i am most welcomed..
  • i am a diary person.. lots of diaries since i was young... it is my small world and i feel like my diary is the best friend ever. and i created my own alphabet to write down everything in it.and my fav place to write it is under my study table. trust me!!! hehhehehhehe...
  • i love collecting brand tag, keychains, bookmarks and sweets wrapper.. for now,,, i have 3 shoe boxes of brand tag. and 4 or 5 boxes of sweets wrapper.. my bigggest collections will me ECLAIR Cadbury wrapper, (glod n purple in color) which i started to collect when i was in secondary school. all my classmates won't throw the wrapper into the bin but they will will give it to me.. for the tottal.. i've got 8307.. :P might b no one could imagine how many i have all together,, but it's alotttttt....for my mum n some ppl, those are rubbish but not for me...
  • i hate reading!!! it should be obvious... dont give me anything that i'm supposed to read. i just can't do or i would say, I AM VERY LAZY!!! except.. reading for exam. Lol :p
  • Ice cream freak!!!! hehehe.. especially when I'm feeling sad. My record was.. i ate 3litres of ice cream non stop.. nice but....... ( u know wat i mean...)
  • i love travelling..love it so much.... will go anywhere although the trip expenses will me broke.LOL :P
  • baking freaks!!! i'm sure my flatmates know about it.. they called me that.. i'm not a good cook nor baking.. but i just love baking.. i hope my mum will proud of me. hehehhe.. since ma always say.. KAK CIK IS HER ONLY DAUGHTER WHO DOESNT KNOW HOW TO COOK AND SHE SAID... 'I'M WORRIED WHAT WILL UR MUM IN LAW THINK OF U!'
  • hmmm.. one of my fav is hanging out with close friends in the mall from morning till nite. n start doing movie marathon.. trust me.. from early bird ticket till midnite movie.. having break only to pray and eat. but most of the time we bought food and ate inside the cinema illegally..hahhaha .. ( i miss GSC sooo muchhh)
  • i don't like pet or animal.. heheh.. i try to like them but i think animal doesn't like me...i don't know why..
  • I think most people will say i look seriuos most of the time.. I'm trying so hard no to be like that,, but i think i know why i become like that.. hahahha.. let it be my secret for this moment... but ya.. U can just think I'M A SERIOUS PERSON or I LOOK SERIOUS... LOL :P

It is not all about C.H.o.C.o.L.a.T.e

Now it's time for easter break..
These are gifts from sweet friends here.
This is absolutely not my tradition, but this is fun and cute and sweet stuff to share with.
Chocolate is always b my fav.. no doubt :D

Thanx Gracy heart for a cute bunny choc..
Because it is soooo cute, i still keep it and don't even dare to eat it :)
and to my Spicy Sharnita, your 6 lil cuties make me smile and blessed to know you and other sweet aroha this year. yay!!!!

I've got to say here, my sweet Mykhail tries to spoil all my diet programs.
He gave me a rose on valentine's day,
a bar of white choc when last week and today he gives me a giant easter egg..
Thanx sweetie..

Last but least, to one of my good friend here,
I'm sure you know who you are,
Thanx for being my bro when I need a love from family,
A close friend who always care about me,
I couldn't find any words to form a great line to thank you.
All I can say is I'm happy to have you as my really good company :P

These bunch of chocs are not only a chocolate but a kind of love from all of you..
I'm having lots of difficulties now..
And thank you for being so great to me!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

when 3hearts become 1

Again, I"m posting a picture of these two persons i really love here.. Some people might know already who they are. Mr OluwaTosin Akitundae Samuel and Miss Luu Khanh Hien. I really appreaciate them from the bottom of my heart.. Always feel good to be with them.. Without asking to be loved but they shower me with pure and colourful love that I wished..

It is so amazing, coming here without knowing anyone but now I have so many friends who accept me for who I am.. I may not a perfect friend for everyone, but having such lovely people arround make every single day I had more worthy and meaningful.

To both my dear saltyheart and sweet darling... thank u for accept every single grumpiness and hard time from me. That make you guys are my real closed friends. I promise that I will cherish both of you till end of the day.. I hope our friendship will last for eva..


Thursday, March 13, 2008

A.R.o.H.a 2008

Theodora, Priyanka, Me, Grace, Sharnita & Tammy
~My Aroha 2008~

Those lovely people are my flatmates this year in Toroa International House.
Only 5 of us, but Tammy is officially our permenant resident (PR) where she herself claimed that. LoL
To be honest, I fall in love with my flatties.. They r too lovely :)
We are just clicked together.
Eventually, Grace and Me are both returners from last yr, I'm glad that she was placed in the same flat as mine.
Others from Hong Kong (Sweetheart Dora) and Fiji (Sweetheart Priyanka and Spicyheart Sharnita)

Thanx gurls.. Im blessed meeting you this year..
I'm sure we gonna have a wonderful year and this will be a good start of our friendship
Love you all

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tribute to PB

Emeritus Professor Peter Bannister

People called him PB. Everyone loves him. Just want to say something short about him. To be honest, I don't really know him well. Same goes to him. But I'm very sure that, eevryone in Otago Botany Department knows him. He was one our former Head of Department and afetr retired he became free researcher. Till the last day, he was still in doing his research in the lab. All people told me that he is the God in botany. If you have anything to ask.. Go and ask PB.

I had a conversation once with him. And he asked me some questions about Malaysia and I took that chance to ask him something about my stuff. He did answer me so well. and he congratulated me after my presentation and wish me all the best for my future undertaking. Once and for all, I have really respect n admire him alot. He has been working as a botanist or I dare to say.. a very well known botanist, plant ecologist and physiologist for almost 50 years. what else I can say other than WOW!!!!

Since last year, he had been diagnosed for some diseases and th emajor one is brain cancer. And this is continuosly happened till this year.Sadly to say, yesterday 29th Feb 2008, PB passed away. Although I don't have time to know him well but I feel very sad upon his lost. We all in Botany Dept feel the biggest lost and we'll always miss him. PB will always be remembered. That is for sure... My warmest sympathy goes to his wife, Jennifer Benister ( also a great reseacher on Lichen in our dept) and to all his family members.. MAy God bless him ..