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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

:: i am 2yrs 14days ::

salam. salam.
dah lama tak say something in here. kind of very lazy and malas nk story mory pape.. 
wlpun byk bende nak ckp n luah. but as my blog title says, it is something that comot can say.. kalu xde pape tu .. i just couldn't put my stories into words.

Actually, i was thinking to post a new entry on 11th Feb. but on dat day, I was a bit emotionally not stable. Thinking about staying here for 2yrs already. Missing home sooo much, more than me and other ppl can imagine. So many things going on.  Last 2 yrs, on 11th Feb was actually the day I arrived here in Dunedin.  

Let me turn back time...(I'm pretty sure, I remember all those moments)

9th Feb 2007- my flight from KLIA to Auckland was 8.35pm (around that time)

10th Feb 2007- arrived Auckland around 11.40am. 
(at this stop, I've met 2 kind gurls whom I didn't know who they were , Anna and Pupu) They all sanggup amik and tumpangkan saya kt umah dorang , mskkan dinner, bagi tidor and tumpang mndi. And antakan ke epot semula on the next day., I was blessed)

11th Feb 2007. My flight from Auckland to Dunedin via Air NZ was 7.30 am (so awal2 pagi lagi dah kena pegi). 

Sampai je kat Dunedin epot, tunggu Sem amik. Dia janji akan amik . Then I saw another gurl named Fizah. Alhamdulillah everything was fine. Seriously .. Ms smpai sgt2 sjuk.. menggigil je. 
Sen and Fizah dropped me off to Toroa. still fresh in my mind, Will (a kiwi guy welcomed me with long blondish hair, he really looks like a Tarzan). After that pg New World, beli barang makan. haha. Ingat lagi, I think I convert every single thing dgn harga barang kat Msia. haha.. (1nzd = rm2.70 )

I had to stay in aroha ( my flat name) alone for 4days waiting for another flatmates coming. 

14th feb - I met Roshni Rao (a very cool and queen of tears, haha , but I love you Rosh :P )

15th Feb - Dalila arrived, quite late at nite.  (she is soo cute and very gurly gurl, I miss u D, still remember the very 1st day you cooked your own rice. Cuci beras sebersih2 yg mungkin. It cracked me up but I'm so happy to know you. I wish u all the best in Oz)

16th Feb - Course approval day. It was raining, pouring and cold like hell. It was the day I met my MRI (Muhammad Ridzuan Ismail).  Apparently , he was the 1st malay guy I met in NZ and Dunedin. Sweettttt.. 

He showed me to course approval place. And I ended up meeting some more Malaysians. Among them, I remembered Cipot the most. She was trying her best to show where was my Botany Department could be. We were lost actually and when we asked someone, it was just around the corner, hahaha.. Thanx Cipot. (i wish u all the best in Wellington)

My course approval problem solved by Catriona Hudd( Marine Botany lecturer &
  Paul Guy ( former HoD). It was such a relieved!!

Wow!!.. After all, I can say, that's how I spent my first week in Dunedin. Next time, I will tell you about my new job!! let me give a clue.. I'm a chef !! hihih

p.s. enjoy ur life to bits.. 
coz life is sooo short!! 
Senyum sokmo :D

comot .
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

:: Let's hula-hoop.. ooo yeaaaa ::

If you're all not know, I am the biggest fan of Connie Talbot.. She is just a sweetheart! Isn't she? I'm quite sure so many ppl across the world know about this cutest gurl with a golden voice. And she is a youtube sensational!! over 50million ppl watching her adorable singing video there.. and her 1st album went gold..

oo. yea... !! so now, I'm not sure ppl know about this new talent or not. maybe kiwis and some ppl do. Her video isn't in youtube. But I think I fall in love with this cute lil gurl too. She' so adorable. I was talking about this gurl (in the pic).. AMERICUS WILSON, the 6yrs old hula-hoop girl

I remembered playing with this went I was in kindergarden and maybe when I was primary school as well (PJ time!! yooo hoooo ) .. but I, obviously not good in it. Look at this pic below, can you do this? wow.. that's pretty tough I guess. And Americus is doing this since she was 3.

  You go gurl!!
So.. this cute Americus was borned from a reality show same as Connie. But not Britain's Got Talent. It's a New Zealand Got Talent. Sadly to say, She didn't win but I truly, honestly feel she wins in most ppl's heart. Just look at her smile..... :)

Watching Oprah show is a must for me. I love her talk show. Apparently, she launched an episode which called 'The Smartest Talented Kid in the World''. As usual, million ppls respond to her and sent many kind of videos showing great talents to her. and guess what, two of them were  Connie and Americus. Awesome!!

Before I end this entry, let's enjoy Americus's hula hoop vidoe which she performed on the final show of NZ's Got Talent.

enjoy ya!! What a great talent!!
I wish u the best of luck cutie!!

p.s. Practise makes perfect!! -->that was what she said to Oprah

comot :p
Sunday, February 1, 2009

:: gong xi fa chai ::

Me and Mr B had a great holiday in China. Do u believe it?
Apparently, we went to an awesome Chinese Garden!!
Let's pictures tell all.. hihi.

hahha.. I know, i know!! I'm not good at cracking jokes.
I wish I can fly to China and have fun. 
But, I'm lucky enough to get a free admission to the Dunedin's Chinese Garden.
the weather was awesome on that day.
What a bonus for us!! 

Last but not least, 
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Have a good year of OX!!

p.s. I miss limau mandarin!!