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Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: Leaving on a jet plane ::

happy holiday untuk sume pnduduk dunedin... huhu.. i'm going to North Island today with my dearest flatmates Grace and Sharnita.. huhu.. can't wait to enjoy my holiday..

here is my holiday plan:

20th june - Dunedin to Christchurch
21st june - Christchurch to Auckland
22nd june - Auckland
23-25th june - Auckland - Bay of Island - Cape Reinga
26th-28th june - Auckland to Wellington
28th june- 1st july - Wellington
1st- 4th july - Wellington to Palmerston North
4th july - Welly to Christchurch
5th July - Christchurch to Dunedin

yooo hooo.. looks very pack rite? hihi..
will update later about my trip this time.. hihih..
~i'm off~

Leaving on the Jet Plane - John Denver
Sunday, June 8, 2008

:: snow time ::

I remember last year, I missed the snowing time here in Dunedin. Last nite, it was snowing.. couldn't enjoy the moment. u know wat, i had a dream that for once in my life i want to be at the snowy area on my birthday.. if i'm not mistaken, i've been dreaming about it since i received a pic from along when he was studying in Scotland long time ago. at the back of the pic, he once wrote,

"ni gamba along amik kat blkg umah along, adik2 jgn jeles, belaja sungguh2, insyaAllah nnti blh rs main snow kat negara org"

it was truly inspired me alot.. it sounds a bit doggy, seems like i want to come oversea just to play with the snow. but ya.. wat can i say, it was one of my wildest dream ever.
Along, i truly admire your charisma, your vision in life and just want you to know,
thank you so much along..

and this morning, i wasn't in the mood to enjoy this,, but thinking about it is not always snowing here, i put my feeling and health aside, asking a favor for a ride to somewhere that i could possibly play with the snow. and again, my dream came true.

we went to signal hill lookout.. should go earlier,, but not in good health.. the sun already came out when we get there...

*peace* yes.. it is really a peaceful moment to see all these white snow

dare to get wet.. just for my own satisfaction..
along.. do you still remember the pose that u did in your pic? hahha...well, just a lil different.. but i was lying on the snow as well. :)

it was very very windy.. view from signal hill

really hope those will stay.. our hands together as a mark "WE WERE HERE"

just his foot print.. thanx buddy.. thanx!! snowy outting really put a smile on my face back..although it just for a while. but i really appreaciate it

instead of comot.. for the 1st time someone dare to add something to my nick name..
it is comot momot. it was alrite.. a bit funny.. but no heart feeling..
really hope i do get another chance like this again .. the weather is kind of sucks rite now.. it's killing me..coughing, flu, asthma.. but snowing time is awesome...
i'm hoping to go through this again on my 25th birthday
*finger crossed*
but who knows.. i might get lucky. :P *wink*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

.: exam fever :.

salam everyone...

now, if tak silap sume tengah sibuk study nak exam kot.. hahhaha.. sorry rasa happy giller .. sbb for the fisrt time jadi student.. NO EXAM FOR YANA... sorry guys.. jangan jeles.. masa anda semua akan tiba.. hihihih.. tapi tak perlula anda jeles ngan saya ni.. walaupun tak de exam...tapi hidup saya agak disaster sekarang ... pagi2 kul 7 dah kena kuar gi lab.. sejuk woooo... serious... kena pipet beribu-ribu lemon samples.. SENGAL..... banyak gangguan plak tu.. bukannye boleh buat keje ngan aman.. pastu kesihatan tidak di tahap optimum sekarang.. duhhhhh... dugaaan kan.. rasa nak nangis pun ade.. ( hahah .. bukan dah nangis ke? hahahah) ...

so .. sbb sekarang exam week utk budak2 otago kat sini.. walaupun dah ade yang dah start..


p. s. : sweet darling tosin, my dear tammy and cindy darling.. good luck for ur exam.. love you guys soooo much.. i'll cook and bake for 3 of you after your exam ya!!!
miss u heaps!!!! MUAHHHHHH

p. s. bossy..... studyyyy.. jangan tido je...air dah dapat .. ape lagi nak.. jangan naik lemak.. okeng!!!!