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Monday, August 18, 2008

.: First TiMe StUdEnT ..HuHuHu :.

Huhu.. what a weekend for me..
After frustration in the lab..
I joined Toroans to Queenstown again for a ski trip.

As usual I was excited..

We stayed @ Queenstown Lodge..
I prefer this place.. It is well heated ..
I felt like in Toroa .. very warm..

And also .. free breakfast..
Yummy :P

Skiing was fun but seriuosly...
it was hard ..

Harder than I thought..
It was supposed to be 2 day skiing..
but because of bad weather ..
very windy and super duper cold..

I decided to not going on the 2nd day.. lucky we can get refund!!
But at least I can say.. I've learned how to ski
and I knew how does it feel..

I've never put this in my dream list..
But.. I'm soo glad that I chose to do that!!

These are some photos from one of my fav weekend!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

.: Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. :.

Those experience were soooo sweet.. I love travelling so much
(do not mention how broke I am now.. LOL)..
But on top of everything, I love it sooo much.. nothing can't replace all these..
Winter isn't a good time to travel tho.. but I love it.. Different season offers you different experience.. trust me..
I wish I can bring my family here one day and see all these with me..
And of course my beloved friends back home

P.S mira...baik ko start kumpul duit skrg.. hehehe

NZ.. U'll be missed.. always
By me :P

Sunday, August 10, 2008

080808 vs 060708

huhu.. what a pretty date to remember
to be honest.. i did't have any special event happened to me on this day..
but atleast the whole world would definitely r
the opening ceremony Beijing 2008
That was awesome..
Congrats China

Congrats to one of my high school friend @ my best friend YM friend huh
Nurul Akmar Rasli
who got married on that
which she chose to be akad nikah-ed at 8am.
I'm very happy for you Kemar
Wish u all the best in life together with your loved one..

But.. I will always remember this date

I was very tired on this day after coming back from Bersatu Games
and stranded in Oumaru for a nite
because of heavy snow...
Despite having cold in Dunedin..
someone warmed my heart
he made me smile n atleast my heart cried inside

Thank you so much BB for stand out for me.
Thanx for having courage n guts to reveal ur feeling for me..

teruterubozu once said hata san
It doesn't rain forever
and a nite wo'nt last forever
Let's give our best shot
Gambate !!!!



Friday, August 8, 2008

.: Seriously, Yana Needs These.... :.

tagged by Dlyn Azmi

These are what I get from Google ' Yana Needs'.. huh..
entah sape2 la yana yang dimaksudkan ek...

"Yana needs help"
Are you serious? I need it badly!!

"Yana needs your support"
Yes, yes, yes.. I need it too.. plzzzz

"Yana needs to be kicked out"
from NZ I guess! Too long already.
Kak @ my high school friend told me
" ko macam mengembara seumo hidup!" :P

"Yana needs to be treated with more sensitivity in India"
Why India? hehehe.. I guess It refered to Yana Gupta..
Which I don't know who.. hahhah

"Yana needs to make a name for herself"
already have it.. [Yanacomot]-not too bad right?

"Yana needs your financial support"
hahahha.. why this sounds soooo true..
.Does all Yanas in the world facing same problem? I wonder....

"Yana needs volunteers to answer Santa letters"
Maybe i need volunteer to help me finishing my reserch project,
finding my babies@ plants back, and writing reports and
bla bla bla...

"Yana needs a blood transfusion"
for what? hahhah.. atleast not for now.. but thank you :)

"Yana needs him."
I need a guy who has guts to tell the world that
he loves me after his mother..
I wonder who has what it takes.... :(

"Yana needs to chill"
To be honest.. I need it.. tell me how..

"Yana needs to lend us all her girl powa"
can anyone tell me what is POWA? hahahaha..

Now, it's time to tell you guys what do I need.
What does Yanacomot needs?

1-Yana needs to work out or loose some weight
bile balik boleh makan puas2

2-Yana needs all my 'babies' back
waaaaa... pokok2 ku dh mati.. cmne nk abiskan mster ni!!

3-Yana needs lots of cash
hehehe... blh buat bungy lagi..yay!!

4-Yana needs a good luck
a real good one!!

5-Yana needs a man in her life.
a real gentleman! No joking...

6-Yana needs marriege
not because most of her friends got married..
but at least I have a dream too.

7-Yana needs to recharge her battery
to finish her studies. It has been too long for a piece of MSc, which I didn't feel this tired when I was in UKM.

8-Yana needs a real moist choc cake
rindunye nak makan.. sape blh tolong bt? heheh

9-Yana needs new clothes, jeans, shoes, sandals, etc...
seriously... I need those..
need some shopping, real shopping..
( miss Mid Valley, OU, The Curve etc.. so muchhhh)

10-Yana needs TO GO BACK
this is the ultimate one.. [kakak@my niece sll tnya"bile cikcik nak balik?] waaaaaa.. can't put everything into words... (in tears.... :(( )