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Thursday, October 30, 2008

.: welcome to the family :.

29th October 2008..
Me and my entire family were celebrating with full of
Of course, waiting is such a pain,
Even my sis in Ireland and me here felt more than others,
Coz both of us only could wait any news from our family members in Malaysia.
To be honest, I could'nt sleep well on that nite.
I was praying so hard, hoping that 3 of them will be fine.
Yes, my sis just giving birth to twin gurls...
For the first time in our family..
But they were born pre-mature 8.5months,
1st gurl was 1.5kg and 2nd gurl 1.9kg,
I close my eyes, just wanted to imagine how small they could be,

Kakak will be excited too I guess!!
Cik cik always love you princess :)

Kakngah & a.Fahmi,
Congrates, From far, I am soooo happy to hear that.

To cik cik's tiny lil twins,
Be strong!!
I hope that both of you will be discharged from Special Unit Care soon..
Cik cik haven't see both of you yet,
But I knew I love you both!
Same as I love kakak dearly..

I'm eagerly waiting for photos..
Will update soon!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

.: Sun, yet doesn't shine on me :.

sekali lagi, sy diuji. dilanda masalah kesihatan. xtau la nk ckp cmne.. sedih hati ni, xde sape yang tau. first n foremost, i would like to thank you to all ppl who help me to go through these tough moment with me. carried me all around. every single soothing word make me stronger nad stronger each day.

headache or migraine or watever u called it!! it happened for quite sometimes.especially on my right forehead. it is worse, coz my right eye become blurred and sometimes turn black. scary right? sekian lama, saya buat dek aje.. sejak akhir2 ni, sy rs xsedap badan, malam2 shiver yg sgt teruk wlpun heater kat sebelah. so dipendekkan cite,

thursday, saya pg student health, buat appoinment, so dptla jumpa Gp kul 2.15pm. so GP refer my case kat eye department, Dunedin Hosp. I went there with Mr. B. I couldn't help myself. i was scared and sad. sampai je kat sane, bagi surat yg Gp bagi, receptionist tu bgitau abis sessi ni kena byr nzd168.75. O. m G.. mmg sy xnk bt pun masa tu. sbb poket kering. n xsure insuran cover ke tak. but Mr B insist nk saya buat jugak. so sy pun stay la tunggu giliran. xla ramai sgt on that time , dh pkul 4 lebih msa tu. when it came to my turn, Dr Anne- Marie was the one who hold my case. maca2 test buat. eye sigt mapping, eye pressure checking, n so on la.. dia pggil kwn dia untuk dptkan second opinion. Body temp was 37.7'C.

Lucky, both of them were very nice. Both macam buntu gak, cos mata sume ok. so at 1st dorang suspect sinusitis. and after disscused with each other, they both agree to call their consultant. so, Dr Anne came to me again. at 1st saya ms sorang2. (dari dulu mmg saya malu if org tau sy sakit, i dont know why) but after heard so many scary things from both docs, i asked Mr B masuk. I believed he would understand better than me as he is a medical student.

So .... Dr Anne-Marie suggested me to do CT scan. nak check sinus and they nerves behind my eyes. I could see she was trying hard to explain as good as she can , so that I didn't get shocked with all scary medical term. at that time, i felt like I was in one of Dr House series. Listening to ppl, saying CT scan, MRI , nerves, something in brain, was scary. Scared to death!!! she did tell me that I did the right thing by coming and see the doctors. She actually wanted me to be admitted to the hospital as she saw me looking bad n very crook. but I told her, I did'nt want. I was very sure that I can handle this. so she arranged the CT scan for me the next day.

I was lucky, Salleh's mum is here, and she is everyone's mum here in Dunedin. She voluntereed herself to accompany me to the hospital instead of Mr B alone. Thank you makcik for being me the whole time. Teman kan saya pg amik darah pagi2 tu. Oh ya, did I mention that her cook is superb and always get ready a breakfast for me. i think twice kot. Thank you again makcik.

So after waiting for quite half an hour, I went to radiology Dept at 1st floor, xtau nk rs ape. rs mcm jasad je yang bergerak. tapi yg lain mcm dh mati. takut sgt. nak nangis pun mcm xde pape. sape tak scary. nk kena screening kepala otak. kang tetibe ade pape yg tak kena,,..... hmmm no comment...
mmg xde amik gamba la sepanjang proses ni.. tapi sume ni mmg segar dlm ingatan. after that, kena pg semula kat eye dept,.. i was so sad, thinking about my self yang selalu sakit, but Salleh's mum was able to make me laughed and smile although it was hard. At that moment, i think I was th only young ppl waiting to see the Doc. the rest were all old ppl. I was so depressed. seriously!! but I know, sume ni ujian kan!! so tunggu punye tunggu, dptla jumpa Dr Anne- Marrie smula, Mak salleh temankan.

Guess wat.. Ct scan result.. everything is fine. no symptom of sinus and everything. Ya Allah, lega sgt. Sakit mcm trus hilang. xde sape dpt rs sume tu. But, but and but, that didn't answer any Questions... my headache is still a mystery. So they doc said, i should finish my antibiotic for 2weeks and then come back for next check up. but, if anytime, saya skt, trus dtg hospital n she said , i need another scanning, which is MRI and kena refer neuro dpt... Gosh... i was stunned.

For now, saya berharap sgt antiobiotic tu can cure me. pls pls pls... until now, still skt lgi. but mata dh kurang blur. stakat ni jela.. my story.. i know, this time is very long rite..
But friends, thank you so much!!! for all your concerned and support!!!

p.s To Mr B,
Thank you for all your time!!
Friday, October 17, 2008

.: xoxoxoxoxo :.

mira, achik , me n aaron tintong!!
best gile ms ni..

saya tau, dh sgt lama sy tak update pape di sini, sy xtau nk tulis ape, i mean nk share ape2, byk bnde exciting sepanjang Syawal ni, tapi byk jugak gundah gulana dlm hidup sy ni setakat ni. bilik sy pun dh mcm tongkang pecah, i hardly recognised my own room. n i hate it so much. i need some change i guess. i miss my home kat Trganu, seriusly!! n umah knagh dulu. bile ingt ke sume ni, my eyes become crystal clear n it starts raining n pouring!!

From diary or calendar, ppl might say i almost finished. yup! thats true. suddently i feel empty, i don't know what i want. i dont know what i want to do after this. to be honest, i enjoy being a student. but so many times, i complained how sick i am,, studying, studying , studying.. mybe many friends feel jealous with me, sbb blh study kat oversea n so on. but u guys should know, i envy u guys more than anything. terutamanya, kwn2 yg dh settle down, .. hmm. ntahla.. susah nk cite..

mybe kepala ni terasa berat pk kan hal study n hal2 lain. smpai rs mcm hilang ingatan. rs mcm xde pape dlm otak. yang pasti cume rs nk balik. i think, the moment i enjoyed the most in my life, ms keje kat Body Shop dulu. seriuosly.. I love it, not to mentioned gaji yg ciput kan.. but i know,, money is not everything la.. as long as I'm happy, that should be enough. Not that i don't enjoy being here.. mmg enjoyla.. but too much pressure.. sometimes xtau nk share ngn sape.. nk bt ape.. nk share pun kdg2 xterluah dgn kate2. h,, dont know la.. nk stop sini dulu.. xtau dh nk kate ape..
me n mira masa training make up
miss u so much darling!!!
Monday, October 13, 2008

.: ini sulie punye idea :.

Handbag is not my thing. but kalu org bagi free, ape salahnye.. heheh.. sulie forwardkan to me.. so i pun clickla.. who knows kan ..

do visit this website--->http://www.handbagplanet.com/
wish all of us wit good luck!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

.: finally she listened to me :.

Last year, I lived in the same room and flat but with 5other people. One of them is a gurl from Bangalore, India. Roshni Rao.

I can say that she is one of my best friend. thinking about what we've been through for a year living under the same roof, will always make me cry.. ah.. I don't want to talk about sad thing. past is past.. For me, all those episodes make oru friendship stronger each day although we live separately now and in future. I believe that way!!

She's very or super super smart!! Her English superb too .. oh ya.. did I tell you that maybe my Hindi language is better than her.. hhaha( joking) but 1 thing for sure, I watched Bollywood movies more than she does. trust me!! I don't know how I would survive studying overseas for the 1st time without her. n I think Jinjoo will agree with me.. She is our English teacher too.. I miss reading someone correcting my english without feel hurt.
P.s: thanks Rosh..

U know what , she is very good in music too. She plays guitar and she sing very well. I told me long ago to sing in front of ppl. N just now, she sent me a link, a video of her singing!! finally.. I'm very proud of you Rosh and so happy for you for everything!!

Here is video of her!! I believe this is not the first time!! I'm glad you found him. I wish you no more sad tears.. ok? ( did I tell u Rosh, I missed listen someone crying in our living room while holding the phone? lol.. joking.. )

Roshni, I love you dearly!! I'm sorry for everything ya..