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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

.: VAmpires on my Birthday :.

July 28th 2008
I will never forget my birthday this year.
My flatmates and Ofeira scared me to death.
I never thought I'll be scared like this.
I was very tired on that nite, after coming back from Queenstown
and went to watch Batman ( The Dark Night),
n even more tired looking at the huge laundry taht I had to manage.

I went to the kitchen to drink some water and saw this on our white board.
But i don't even care. Maybe that was the price that I had to pay 4 not pay attention about the warning ...

I knew I will celebrate my bday tomorrow n not once I thought my flatmates will surprise me. Don't know why.. Maybe because I was too tired. And then, some1 rang the bell. I went to open it....

I screamed out loud.. i'm seriuosly scared with that mask!! n I couldn't do anything. Just screaming n crying.. hahhahahaha!!

They had a party at Roto's flat b4 scaring me!!
Iram was the cameraman of the nite.
Thanx Iram..

I forced to take off the mask.. I hate it!!

My heart beats so fast and I still in shocked!! Couldn't say a word..
Lovely Ofi came with her guitar and played the Birthday song for me.
Again I cried.. They all touched my heart..
To be honest !!

See.. They even made all of these just for me!!
Yummy choc cake from Sweetheart Sharnita,
Delicious Jelly from Grace Sweetie
and Happy Bday Cookies from Lovely Dora!!
What a bless to be their flatmate!!

A card from my flatmates.. Now we are called PS DOGY!! instead of AROHA
P-priyanka, S-Sharnita, D-dora, O-ofeira, G-grace and Y-yana!!
How awesome are they!!

My photo is sooo funny.. hahhaah
Thanx guys!!

Later on that nite,, we went to Tokyo Garden to have a dinner together. A bit sad coz Priyaka wasn't here on my bday..

My flatmates really having fun on that nite,
They even gave me all the scary masks. Waaa.. I don't want ...!!
Before I blew off the candle on midnite, I made a wish
"I want another present!! "
Guess what.. My wish came true..
Lovely necklace from my flatties!!

These are all presents from my beloved friends here..
My sweet Mykhail came with a rose.
My flatmates gave me a pretty necklace , a card and also all the vampire masks!!
Lyn gave me a very nice chocolate
My dear tammy and Tosin gave me a card and a gift card for manicure!!
Toroa gave me a card and also a cake!!
And last but not least, BOssy gave me a card and also a lil monster keychain!!
and not forgotten, my family back home sent me a lovely card!!!

P.s: Special thanx to all friends from all over the world who texted me, wish me on YM and Frienster!!

I love you guys soooo much
with all my heart!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

.: Truly awesome adventures :.

Journey to the very tip of North Island was amazing. but 4 now I dare to say that was the scariest thing I've done in my entire life. I dont feel like going there anymore. Hmm.. Cape Reinga is such a wonderful place. It is a point where 2 oceans meet. Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean appear very different although both stay at same place. What a creation from Allah Almighty!!

My trip from Bay of Island to Cape Reinga began early in the morning. I remember it was raining on that day. Me and Grace went by Awesome Adventures NZ Bus. What I love about that trip was the driver told us many interesting stories, word by word and I could understand everything. On the way to Cape Reinga, we stopped at the ancient Kauri Forest (Kauri ni macam pokok balak la.. sangat2 besar). I was amazed by the size of the Kauri tree and this forest is still exist dari mula NZ wujud. Unfortunely, because of illegal logging and human settlement only 15-20% of the forest remain now. one of the famous quote from Maori people is "Our land is for our grand grandchildren, not for our son".. That was the spirit of Maori ancestor to the land and nature who they believe this land gives them everything. and because of their protectiveness, this ancient Kauri Forest is still exist.
Arriving Cape Reinga, around lunch time.. we were told that after the morning tea stop, there were no shop or stop for about 4 hours. huhu.. The highlight at Cape Reinga is the light house where is the very end of the North Island of NZ. so we had to walk from the car park to the light house. Gosh.. it was raining and super duper windy!!! I swear.. super duper windy!!! I couldn't tell how strong it is. We had to hold every single poll, step by step. Even one tall and big guy hold the poll in order to reach the end. This is why I feel this is the ultimate scariest experience for me. I could die because of the strong wind, throwing me away to the Pacific Ocean.

Calm Pacific Ocean~

Fierce Tasman Sea~

The strong wind came from the Tasman Sea. It was so rough, wavy and the water is light blue. It is very different from the Pacific Ocean which was so calm and darker in colour. We were trying so hard to take photos here, considering we won't come again in the future. :P But we survived!!
Only 2 left!!

We were here for 2hours. And on the way back, here is another adventure. I was aware that we are going to go along the 90miles beach. Every single people must have a clear picture of what is a beach. But I was wrong this time. 90miles beach is not a beach. It is an open shore all along Tasman Sea. Huh... Are you for real? It was a very long drive and sooooo scary. At least it is, for me!!


All along the 90 miles beach

10minutes stop @ 90 miles beach

Very huge sand dunes. and guess what, u can try sand boarding~~
I felt like i was at a very windy and cold desert..

I guess we chose the right company.. It was truly an awesome adventure for me. A day trip to Cape reinga really once in a life time experience!! It was quite a journey to remember !~~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

.: My Shadow Feet Fall at the Sky Tower :.

2nd part of my holiday in Auckland was in town with Grace and Sharnita. huhuh.. It was raining heavily on that day... But as usual.. we were all fight with all mother nature's element.. It's holiday time ,, we didn't want to just stay at home and watching tv.. huhuhu.. Kat sini.. dapat rasa naik train.. i think this is my 1nd time naik train di NZ. Last year kat Welly with Nuzul n Jihan.. Train dia ala2 KOMUTER di Malaysia.. tapi tak pelu beli tiket and scan tiket.. Tunggu train.. masuk and ade conductor jual tiket.huhuhu.. From my observation, adela some ppl yg masuk n duduk .. pastu bt bodoh xbeli tiket.. huhu.. not fair but nasibla..

Me @ Britomart Train Station, Auckland, NZ

Tribute to spiderman ..huhuhu..

Us having fun.. I'm soo happy to be up here.. don't know why.. Over excited!!

Auckland City Sky Tower 328m

My Bee ~ni aje yang berkenan dimata sebagai tnda kenangan di Sky Tower. huhu..

A day with both my sweetheart Grace and Sharnita was awesome. It was fun, although we didn't get a chance to go to many places, but at least I can say,
I've be to Sky Tower.
This was really my ultimate dream in Auckland. The highest land mark in NZ.
BUt to be honest, Auckland city is pretty much like KL.
I wanted to do sky jump but my financial was very tight. but I do hope I can come back and do it. and go to Whaiheke Island which we were planning to go to at the first place.

More fun coming up.. huhuhu

P.S. I have lots of photos but I can't be bother to post them all. I will upload them in my photopages.

to be continued...


"My fav song from a kiwi singer Brooke Fraser. Hope u guys enjoy it!!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008
huhu.. i'm back..after a very long holiday.. i guess that was the longest vacation i've been doing since i came here.. absolute awesome time.. ( without thinking about lab and studies..hihi).. now. just want to update what was my trip all about..

My trip began from dunedin to Christchurch by bus..aouchhh... 6hours!! sometimes its too long to handle.. but xleh nak bt ape.. tu la yg paling murah .. grace, sharnita and me arrived in Christchurch around 11pm.. foggy and damn cold...huhu.. our 1st plan was going straight to the airport and had a camp there.. but unfortunately, no shuttle to the airport..huhu.. so .. nak tak nak.. we all sume kena la ronda2 town dgn beg besar cari tmpat tido.. but 1 more thing, we were not aware off was ch.church is a host for All black VS England on the next day.. most of the backpackers were all full.. damn it.. at the end.. we finally got a room to rest.

COCKERS Backpackers.. huhu.. abit further up from town.. the room was cold. seriously..and one thing I can't forget was the reception gurl..O M G... she was Korean or Japanese I think... We were all couldn't understand a word of what she said.. and she was sooo clumsy... she kept changing our room rite after she gave us the key room.. well that was only my first nite!! huhu..

me with my bag packs :D

After what happened last nite, we all still want to gamble our energy and faith again. it was fun being a tourist, learning how to read map, asking people around for directions, and getting lost. lol!! We went aroud town for a while but considering sharnita and grace had to pull a very big luggage, so we decided to catch a bus to airport earlier.

Arriving at sharnita's place was such a bless. Her whole family welcomed us very well. I totally feel like home. Uncle Harri was waithing for us at the airport and with his 2 sons. He is very talkative and friendly. As he is working as a taxi driver, so he seemed to be our tourist guide, story this and this, and reminds us to be aware of the crime that could possibly happened while we were in Auckland.. And her family seem to know us quite well. they appologized us for not able to give this and that. O M G!!! oh ya.. Did i tell you about Sharnita's mom? About the cook? huhu.. It was awesome. Curry and dhal were all delicious.. yummy.. :)

B4 i end this entry, just wanted to show all af u this photo.this is my fav photo at Sharnita's place.. u know why? this photo really reminds me about where I came from. Ah.. untill now, it is hard to believe that I found this in Auckland. Small house with pagar zink, Compound full of fruit trees and veges.. Gosh.. I miss home alot but coming here was curing my heart.

... to be continued :)

p.s: sorry for late update :P!!