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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

.: A dReAm CaMe TruE :.

Just a short entry for this time.. I have to pin something in my blog about this.. I told my family and friends b4 i came here... "I won't leave NZ with bungy jumping!". I will story later about this awesome experience. My photos haven't turn up yet in the website.. I will upload them here rite after i get it.. okay?

I know some friends will laugh at me.. Couldn't help it.. I jumped in pink.. Goshhhhh.... Just not me.. U think I care? LoL...
Sorry guys.. But my dream came true.. Yayyyyyy !!!! :p


Sunday, April 27, 2008

.: StuDy TouR a.K.a LawaTaN SamBiL BeLaJaR :.

A week without lab was awesome!! hahah.. wat can i say.. truly nice.. After having doubt which trip to choose, finally I decided to join study trip to South.. At first, i'm not interested at all. Maybe because I've been there already.. but since I already asked my supervisor to get out from Dunedin,,, i joined the trip. ( Thank u to my friend BOssy .. he paid for me 1st for the trip,,but a bit dissapointed,, he doesn't know my full name,.. Gosh!!!)

Trip review:

April 20th 2008

-Southern Roses Adendale-
My first thought at this place was my dad. he loves roses soo much. Kind of miss our small house and compound heaps. Coming to Wilma's rose garden was awesome. It may look small but the job are huge. Everything is being done manually.It is the ONLY nursery in NZ that grows roses on seedlings in the European way ...WOw... I was fully blown away.. I wish I have chance to do this when i go back to Malaysia.. who knows.... :P

- Bluff-
The end of Southern Tip.. huhu..it was my second time.. but it was a different experience with new people. And of course different weather.. Last summer was hot but this time it was raining and cold!! Nothing much to do here, but this place is great. to be honest, to be at Bluff is one of great experience in my life.

-Dairy farm-
hahahah.. this place is too good to forget!! I'm not a big fan of milk. but on that day, I got a chance to drink FRESH MILK... just 2 words.. CREAMY AND MILKY!!! over the top .. gosh... IT seems like i was in Fear Factor challenge.. nice but not my favourite after all.. HIHIHIH..

Our hostel at Adendale was great. Nice room and, large kitchen and hall. We couldn't ask for more. Dinner from Kak Lily and En Sabry as usual was awesome (i'm a big fan of curry,, :p). I guess that nite, many ppl were too high... poker team, pictionary gurls, jamming group and chit chat ppl... hihiihih.. nice and relaxing nite i guess..

21st April 2008

'Fonterra is one of the top six dairy companies in the world by turnover (June 2006 Rabobank ratings), the world's leading exporter of dairy products and responsible for more than a third of international dairy trade.' How great is that?

I think everyone was hoping to have a chance to go to factory tour..
but Fonterra doesnt open any tour to public anymore. So that morning , we went to Adendale town hall for some presentation from a staff from Fonterra. At the end, we've being served to some cheddar cheese.. ( 3yrs old cheese) believe it.... Errrrrrr.... again not my favourite.. to cheesy and very very salty.. But wat an experience rite?

- Mataura Alliance Group Limited ( Slaughtering factory)-
i'm sorry because i don't have any pic here. it was part of rules and regulations to be here. no camera and no pic. This place was a HUGE NITEMARE for me. i was scared to death before we went in. I keep imagining BLOOD. since i was kid i have kind of phobia to blood. Some ppl will think im taking it too serious.. but only God knows how much i force myself to be brave facing blood. I knew if my knee start shaking.. I can't do anything. dat's it.. but ppl said, it worth to try.. I dare to say.. at least i tried.. although i went off at the very beginning of the tour.

I was vomitting the whole day. and i guess the huge impact is i've been vegetarian for a week until now.. NO MEAT! and NO RED GRAVY!! anyway, Thanx to friends who being with me..

That's all i guess for the study tour.. 2days and 1nite only.. but the impact was huge.. :P i love this tour soo muchhhh.. it was meaningful, not only go for sightseeing, making new friends ( Germany and Bruneians) and of course it was one of a kind :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
time utk jiwang skit.....
dah lama tak layan perasaan.. lol :p
actually, i really love this song..
just one word
lirik pun senang nak paham
melodi mmg best
so tak pelu sakit kepala if dgr :)

.: cinta tak berganti :.

enjoy ya...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

.: Belakang parang diasah lagikan tajam :P :.

have you heard this peribahasa or quotation..
"belakang parang diasah lagikan tajam"

Ask my mum, she will say, i'm the laziest daughter she has.. cooking wasn't my fav after all when i was in Malaysia.. even now. but life in overseas kind of forcing me to cook and bake alots..
desires to eat drive me to do it..

I think.. after a year here.. i dare to say.. I'm not too bad :p
Here are some photos of ' my creation ' since i stay here in Dunedin, New Zealand ..

this is something i called precious!!
i've never thought in million years i will make satay and kuah kacang in my entire life.. but i was and i still am happy everytime i remember those moments,--> toroa msian nite n aidilfitri 2007.
thanx to all helpers.. you guys are awesome!!

i love egg tart soo much.. i don't know where i can find it here in NZ, so .. finally i made it by myself.. might look horrible though.. but i guess it wasn't too bad for first timer :)

* SusHi * This is also my first time making it. I chose tuna sushi and vege sushi, Tammy taught me how to make it.. Easy to eat.. but need lots of time to make it and u need patience:) it's yummy.. I was sooo happy..

i love kuih-muih sooo much.. it seems like i have to eat 1 kuih perday.. it's damn easy to get kuih in Malaysia.. Just go to Pasar Malam (Night Market) or street stall in my village.. u can get most everything.. I think, i might spent too much time there just because i don't know which one to choose :P . Above photo is one of my fav traditional kuih.. I don't know its' commercial name.. but from what I know,, Terengganu-ian called it TOK AJI SERBAN. lol.. funny name right :)

This is my first pie ever.. eventually, I love eating pear here.. I normally bought 1 whole big bag n able to finish all b4 those get over riped.. but this weeek , i just can't eat..
so today.. i mean yesterday.. i forced myself to make something using pear instead of throwing those away..
hmmm.. taaa daaa.. i baked pear pie. but to be honest it taste like apple pie.. happy .. happy n happy.. just by looking at it can make me smile :)
i love it soo much..
will try make it again.. (but i don't know when hihihi)

kuih lapis.. hihihi.. i think.. i make it coz i miss home so much.. n plus my mum said its easy..
huh.. easy but it required soo much time.. have to steam it layer by layer.. goshhhh..
but i love it..

i think most malaysians miss KFC so much.. as we can't eat it here.. no halal kfc.. so i've been trying many times making it.. tammy, cindy and tosin love it soo much.. thanx 4 eating guys.. might not taste exactly the same as KFC but still nice to have it.. i enjoy it soo muchh,, who wasn't rite? :P

for me this is the easiet cake ever.. n low budget.. hihih.. tasty n yummy.. i think.. different ppl got differnt style of making kek batik.. but this is my style.. will soak the biscuit untill it soft but have make sure it won't break.. my friends here asked me couldn't believe i use just biscuits to make it.. Priyanka wants me to teach her b4 this year ends.. :)

huhu.. i have to smile when i look at this photo.. feel like crying coz hard to believe.hhahaha. i successfully bake a cheese cake for the first time.. yess... finally.. besides choc cake (which i always bake it .. hmm.. do i have any pic of my choc cake? NO.. will snap it next time) i love cheese cake.. but i prefer country cheese cake or original/ baked cheese cake compare to frozen one.. yummyyy,,, today tosin n tammy were arguing to each other,, coz tosin thought tammy had a bigger slice of my cheese cake.. but unfortunately every1 got 1 thin slice.. hihi.. mybe next time guys.. :)

this one is special dedication to MA.... kakcik finally cooked ayam golek /percik kat sini. .. i really want to eat this.. then as usual, i called MA and asked how to make this.. after mixed all ingredients to make the gravy.. i could smell the nice aroma and that was exactly the same smell when MA cook this back home.. then i get soo excited.. dont care how does it taste.. maybe i just missing MA's cooking soo much..
but ya.. my 1st trial was \(^o^)/ (double thumbs up) hihihih..
thanx ma...

this banana muffins were for tammy.. and 6 more for aroha.. special for sharnita's bday last month.. i think it looked nice and yummy but the taste weren't that ok.hahah.. to be honest.. i forgot to put egg inside.. became hard when it gets cold.. but still ok .. have to warm it up for 30sec in microwave b4 eating...
but overall.. i was satisfied with the final outcome.. :P

so those are some photos of my cakes, kuih or food after 1 year i've here... i'll make sure next time to take photo of my meals..
1 year... huh.. i've learned many things espeacially cooking n baking stuffs.
some other meals that I made b4 were soto, rendang, tomyam, chicken curry, pizza, pasta, lasagna, choc chip cookies, nasi lemak, roti jala, puding roti, karipap,,, couldn't remember all of them.. hihih.. but not all taste good though..
but im sure one thing, there will always be 1st time and we never know how satisfied we are or how well we can cook until we try.. trust me.. :p


Monday, April 7, 2008

100+ * wink *

Salam semua..
It has a while, i didn't jot down anything here.
Aimi bubu asked me just now,

think ... think.. n think...

Just wanna let people know..
Of all soft drink or energy drink that have been produced in this world,
I really love or I can say,
.: 100 Plus :.

Normally, when I was in Malaysia, I used to drink atleast 2 or 3cans perday..
Just imagined, since i came here.. no 100+ in New Zealand
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

As usual, I normally go to New World ( local supermarket in NZ) on Sunday,
Quite convinience, they offer free shuttle..
Last sunday,, and until now, I am super duper happy,
Guess what???!!!
I saw 100+ at International section..
I was soo excited, calling my flatmate and jumping like a lil kid getting new toy or lollipop!!
There were 2 women laughing at me..
who cares.. :p
I wanted to grab all can on the shelves.. but I didn't dare to do that..
So i grabbed 3cans.. hahah..
but for sure, 100+ will always be in my flat's fridge..

~ 100 Plus in Dunedin, New Zealand :) ~
nzd 1.10 only LoL :p (nzd1.10 x 2.52)
RM 2.77 :p

"watever.. what does matter,, 100+ makes me super duper happy"

* If amna promote air calpis.. akak promote kiwi minum 100+ hahhaha *

.: sweetlittlesunshine :.