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Sunday, May 17, 2009

::!0 I hate about you ::

!0 things I hate about you


I hate you when I saw your room was messy,

Even more when it just because U were so lazy to hang your freaking tie,

Put everything else in its order,

While I'm asking myself why is that so hard?

And yes, I’m just being your mum again

And guess what, I'll always be


I hate you when you prefer to stay in your thick duvet,

Lying down all day with your laptop,

Staring to the screen like you're truly in love with it,

And even more when you act like you’re king!


People keep saying you're a genius,

But I hate you when you read comics like you're reading newspaper,

When you adore all characters in there more than anything else,

You'll never admit but I can assure you do.


I hate you when you keep your silence wins,

Even more when your laughter wins,

Arguing like an attorney in your own court,

Laughing at peoples without thinking about others,

I hate you most when you play your stupid DOTA,

Like no other things matter to you,

It worst when I couldn't bear to listen to the mouse clicking anymore,

I could keep my silence at most things,

But not for this one.


I'm not sure how deep and how many hatedness in me towards you,

But I am very sure I love you a whole lot more,

Every hatedness and angriness comes out of me,

My love grows even more than I could realise,

It was a childish side in me,

Who think that I was right and I will always right,

Just because I'm older than you.

and I'm sorry for that!


I am very grateful having you as my best friend,

It was a good start from the very beginning,

And I pray and keep praying for our future together,

Hoping that my best friend will turn up to be my man,

A man in my life,

Who are able to accept my grumpiness, angriness, craziness and childishness,

And make it all the way through,

Until death do us part!!


p.s. i love you